intensive mixer by fab india Engineers

Intensive Mixer

Technical Data

A Highly Efficient Homogenous Mixer, High Speed Rotors Sturdy Structure,Well Designed Scrappers Carbide Tips Brazed,Interlock Switches For Safety Measures.

Model Batch-Capacity Per Output
FIM-200 200Kg 6T
FIM-300 300Kg 15T
FIM-500 500Kg 25T


Sturdy Structure
Well Designed Carbide Tips Brazed Scrappers For Longer Life
Lumps Free
Provision For Other Accessories Fitting
Interlock Switches For Safety Measures
Optional Accessory (Only If Required)
1) Charger
2) Batch Hopper
3) Auto Additive System
4) Control Panel
5) Water Dosing System

vibro sand cooler by fab india Engineers

Vibro Sand Cooler

Technical Data

Vibro,Fluidised Bed Type cooler, cooling by water & air,Highly Effective Equipment, Constant Temperature of Output Sand.
Output Capacity (Ton/Per Hr.) : 10T,15T ,20T & 25T


Fast Cooling Hence Get More Out Put
The Return Sand Has The Constant Temperature
Inline & Bypass Facility
Out Put Sand Is Free Flow
FRP Coated Top Hood
Controlled dust
Applied vibro motor

poligonal siever by fab india Engineers

Polygonal Siever

Technical Data

Output Sand is Free Flow and has Constant Temperature with lumps free,This siever with Highly Effective.
Output Capacity (Ton/Per Hr.): 5T, 10T, & 15T.


SS Wire Mesh Hence Long Life
Easy Access For Screen Cleaning And Fitting
Sturdy Structure For Lump Breaking
FRP Coated Top Hood
Change wire mesh
Lumps separation

inline knock out by fab india Engineers

Inline Knock Out

Technical Data

This knockout machine comes with vibratory Motors or Eccentric Shaft Mechanism. it is highly Effective in Separating of Casting and Sand with Large Size Lumps.


Heavy Duty Fabricated Grid for Long Life
Low Noise

OBMS by fab india Engineers

OBMS (Over Band Magnetic Separator)

Technical Data

This is the OBMS machine. Suitable for belt width 500, 600, 800m. Permanent overband type magnetic.


Highly magnetic power
Separate magnetic parts at 50mm, 150mm & 250mm height
Drive gear unit

bucket elevator by fab india Engineers

Bucket Elevator

Technical Data

With Rigid and Sturdy structure to convey Sand Vertically up.
Output Capacity: 5, 10, 15 and 25 T/Hr


Heavy Material Structure
Heavy Duty Seamless CRC Buckets, Plastic Buckets (Optional FRP Coated)
FRP Coated bottom 2 Housing Box
Easy Tightening Assembly

belt conveyer by fab india Engineers

Belt Conveyors

Technical Data

This is the belt conveyor are Rigid and Sturdy structured to Convey Hot and Cold Sand. Suitable for Belt Width 300mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm & 1 mtr width Feeder Belt.


Heavy Material Structure
Low Noise
Heat Resistance (HR) or M-24 Grade Belt as suitable
Hot Vulcanised Rubber Lining for Drive Drum
Heavy Duty Rollers
Easy Replacement of Rollers
Trainer Vertical Idler Rollers
Scrubber for Removing Stuck Material to Belt
Easy Tightening Assembly

storage hoppers by fab india Engineers

Storage Hopper

Technical Data

Hoppers for Returned Sand,Fresh Sand, Ready Molding Sand, Additives, Heavy Suitable Structure, Inside Evenly Thick FRP Lining
Output Capacity :5T,10T, 15T, 20T, 25T, 30T, 40T 60T, and 80T.


Heavy Material Structure
3mm over all Thick FRP Coated
SS 304 Lining (Optional)
As per customer requirement
Storage for Return Sand, Fresh Sand, Prepared Molding Sand (Ready Sand), Addatives

mould handling systems by fab india Engineers

Mould Handling System

Technical Data

Bi-Rail Trolley, Moulding Boxes, Pallet Cars, Mould Transfer-Trolley & Supporting Structure.


Molding boxes in CI casting as well as fabricated
Auto trackline
Semi trackline


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